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Clan Craig Motto
~ Living For God ~

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Short And Long

The 20th Annual Madison Stoner Craig Reunion, Indiana PA

President Reagan Dies ~ 1911 - 2004 ~

Ronald Wilson Reagan - 1911 - 2004 A Tribute

The Good News Of Jesus Christ
& Some Other Things

One Of My More Memorable Experiences ~ Bob C

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    ~ Get Solid Answers to Your Bible Questions
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  • Clan Craig motto ~ Living For God
    Clan Craig Motto
    ~ Living For God ~


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  • This November, my generation, which has been absent too long, must grasp the obligation that comes with being an American, or fade into the oblivion they may deserve. I believe that 100 years from now historians will look back at the election of 2004 and see it as the decisive election of our century. Depending on the outcome, they will describe it as the moment America joined the ranks of ordinary nations; or they will describe it as the moment the prodigal sons and daughters of the greatest generation accepted their burden as caretakers of the City on the Hill.

    Bush Wins 2004

    Lets Keep The Bushes

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